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Saturday Nite Market

Saturday Nite Market is something you cannot miss if you are in Goa on a Saturday. It should not be called a market. it is more like a local  fair or a mela.

It has everything , the vendors are a mix of indian and foreigners selling everything from food to junk jewelery to handicrafts, antique stuff, leather goods to clothes. There are drinks, dance and music performances ,food, fortune tellers, tattoo artists and a huge selection of shops selling almost everything . The stalls are selling goods from all over India. It is difficult to explain it in words. A visit it is the only way to experience what it is!!

The market starts at 6 PM but the action really begins around 7-8 Pm and goes on well into the night till 1-2AM. 
A small suggestion is, have a early lunch or I skip lunch because if you are not hungry you would regret not being able to eat wide array of cuisine to choose from.

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